Steel Tongue Handpan

So what is a Handpan and why is everybody after one? The idea came from a similar instrument called a Hang drum.  Invented in 2001 in Switzerland but only making a hundred or so a year meant that demand far exceeded supply (along with the fact that these drums were and are very expensive and beyond a lot of people‚Äôs reach). Our mini Hand Pan takes the idea of resonating steel from the Hand Pan and combines it with an African instrument called a tongue drum (carved out of wood). The first steel tongue drum was made in Bali and then, due to the power of the internet, the idea spread. The notation is formed by cutting the tongues to different sizes.  However, only millimetres determine a note to be one tone or another. Fine tuning is a precise art, as even a coat of paint changes the tone. 

The tunings we use are based upon a pentatonic scale. This means the notes are harmonics of the other notes in the same scale.  The upshot of this is no matter what combination of notes you use, you can never play a wrong note. 

Our most popular drum is the Celtic Scale.  This combines two pentatonic scales laid out in a left right configuration. However the tones are sympathetic to each other on a harmonic basis. In other words - they sound great!   

Our Mini Hand Pans are made from high grade pressed steel.  They are then cut and welded into a "UFO" shape and then tuned. The finish can be powder coated or creatively sprayed for a personal design.