The sound of a "mini Hand Pan" is unique. It has its own soul stirring language.  It is universal and often succeeds where words can fail. The vibrating tones pass from the drum, into the body, giving a relaxing and uplifting music therapy to all who hear it.  Music can be such a wonderful healer of the spirit. When the drum sings, everyone who hears it benefits. When the song forms, the energy flows.  The Mini Hand Pan has an extraordinary ability to create a state of euphoria, and can often create a meditative trance and feelings of deep inner peace and satisfaction. 

They are also often referred to as a Tongue Drum, Hank drum, Tank drum or even a mini Hang.  Being a brand new instrument, they are still finding their feet as part of the Hand Pan family. Whatever you would want to call it, they are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and backgrounds.  There is much beauty in the way these drums, along with other instruments, can unite a community for a wonderful, fun or relaxed musical experience! 

After around two years of planning and approximately 16 re-designs later, we are very pleased to offer our mini handpan drums. Tuned to sympathetic frequencies that complement the harmonic of the steel from which they are produced.  We have put a lot of love and care into the design, layout and mathematical measurements of the drums.  They are designed with a diameter of 36cm (36 being a multiple of the number 3 which is often used in sacred geometry, art and sacred site layouts) 15cm high, 9 notes and tuned to musical intervals of thirds (can you see the pattern here).  As a result of our persistence and pursuit for excellence,  we have made them sound and feel sublime.  Each drum is therefore slightly unique, having its own character depending on the scale, frequency and design chosen by the client. 

Steel Tongue Drums at the Health and Healing fair 2015

Each drum is designed to be simple to play, even for a complete novice, and a harmonious tune can easily be played within minutes. Part of the appeal of these drums is that they are fun to experiment with different sound patterns, but we must warn you; they are highly addictive! 

As well as being great for the novice, the same musical instrument in the hands of a trained musician can create an alchemy of musical magic, whether played for purely musical purposes or for the benefits of healing and meditation. The later makes it ideal for music therapy for the young and old alike. The drums are often used for Meditation - Sound Therapy - Sound Healing and Relaxation Therapy.  The vibrating tongues of steel seem to resonate and send waves of sound frequency through the body generating a feeling of wellbeing.  This works in a way that is subtle and non jarring, while often producing incredible levels of relaxation and a feeling of having being transported “elsewhere”.

This works for both people and animals, as it also seems to have a relaxing effect on pets as well.  The drums are a unique creation and are, without question, far superior in sound quality, design or resonance than standard thesteel tongue drums coming from abroad.