The sound of a "Steel Tongue Drum" is unique. It has its own language, its universal and succeeds where words fail. The vibrating tones pass from the drum, into the body, giving a relaxing music therapy to all who hear it.  Music is all about healing the spirit. When the drums sings everyone benefits.  When the song forms the energy flows The tongue drum has an extraordinary ability to create a state of euphoria, creating a meditative trance and feelings of satisfaction. often referred to as a Hank drum, a Tank drum or even a mini Hang.  Being a brand new instrument still finding its feet part of the Handpan family. Whatever you would want to call it, they are becoming increasingly  popular with young and old alike. 

Steel Tongue Drums at the Health and Healing fair 2015

NEW DRUM COMING SOON - THE STEEL TONGUE HANDPAN,  sounds amazing, plays amazing, available to pre order now.

Tuned to sympathetic frequencies that complement the harmonic of the steel. In other words - we make them sound good. each drum is designed to be simple to play, even for a complete novice hitting a tunes within minutes. The same musical instrument in the hands of a trained musician can literally make it sing. This makes it ideal for music therapy for the young and old alike. The drums are often used for Meditation - Sound Therapy - Sound Healing and Relaxation Therapy.  
The vibrating tongues of steel seem to resinate and send a waves of sound frequency through the body generating a feeling of wellbeing. This works for both people and animals - as it also seems to have a relaxing effect on pets as well. 
If you have an event which you would like us to attend please don't hesitate to get in touch. As well as tongue drum sales we also offer Sound Healing Sessions - One on One tuition - Meditation Groups as well as Group Activity Sessions for Special Needs Children.